Australian Minigolf Federation



  • Minigolf and golf putters may be used.
  • The putter must have no gadgets for aiming.
  • Notches and lines on the putter head are permitted.
  • If the rules regarding the putter are violated, the shots played with a non-permitted putter count on the lane on which the violation is noticed, and the lane has to be replayed.


  • All minigolf and golf balls of any material are permissible.
  • If the rules regarding the ball are violated, the shots played with a non-permitted ball count on the lane on which the violation is noticed, and the lane has to be replayed.


  • A player must finish each lane with the ball with which he/she was beginning the lane.
  • A ball which has become so badly damaged during play that in the opinion of an official it can no longer be played, or that has been lost on a lane (and not found within 5 minutes), can be replaced by another ball. The next stroke has to be taken from the last resting position of the lost or damaged ball.


  • In preparation for a stroke, the ball must be placed on the marked teeing-off area by the player, by hand or by putter. The ball must be always visible.
  • Before every stroke the ball has to be addressed with the putter held in both hands.
  • A ball in play can only be set in motion by a stroke of the putter. It can only be played from a position of rest and can only be touched by the putter in the moment of the stroke.
  • A stroke is played when a player, in readiness to play, brings the putter into contact with the ball thereby setting it in motion. Unintentional contact with the ball in the absence of clear readiness to play does not count as a stroke. 
  • A player is deemed ready to play when, in addressing the ball, he begins his back swing. Any movement of the putter back and forward after this is counted as readiness to play. “Setting in motion” means when the ball leaves its position of rest.
  • When a player addresses the ball, all other persons must keep away from the lane and the player, so that he cannot be disturbed. If it is possible, they have to keep a minimum distance of 1 metre.
  • The use of ball bags or other objects as an aiming device is strictly forbidden, also every kind of aiming help by the coaches or other persons, when the player is in readiness to play. If it is possible, all objects and persons must be left a minimum distance of 1 metre from the edge of the lane.
  • If a ball leaves the playing area, it can be re-positioned at the point of exit without incurring a penalty stroke
  • A ball may be re-positioned by one official score-card length away from the edge


  • Each stroke counts as a point.
  • If the ball still has not been holed after 6 strokes, another point is added. The highest possible score at one lane is 7. 
  • Also the score is 7, if a player stops playing a lane before he/she has holed out.