Australian Minigolf Federation


The Australian Minigolf Federation (AMGF) is the pre-eminent body taking responsibility for the development of minigolf in Australia and is a member of the World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF) Executive Committee.


The purposes of the AMGF association are:

  • Represent the interests of its members and associated members by promoting, developing and regulating the sport of minigolf in Australia
  • Sanction, provide oversight and regulate the Australian championships and other major minigolf events held in Australia
  • Promote safe minigolf play, good sportsmanship, non-discrimination and equal opportunity
  • Oversee the selection of Australian national teams
  • Seek sponsorship and grants to support the development of the sport of minigolf in Australia


May-16 – A committee was formed to develop and promote the sport of minigolf in Australia.

Sep-17 – An Australian team competed on the international circuit for the first time at the 2017 World Minigolf Championships in Croatia.

Apr-18 – The committee became an incorporated association.

Oct-18 – The Australian Minigolf Championships are sanctioned by the World Minigolf Sport Federation for the first time and endorsed by Golf Australia.


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